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Beads Per Inch

The charts below offer an estimate as to the number of beads you might find per inch.  To be sure you have enough for a large project you should always purchase extra.  This will help solve the problem of dye lots and for any beads that might slip through the many sorting processes.

Glass Beads - Beads per Inch

for 1"for 7"for 16"for 24"for 32"

Seed Beads - Beads per Inch

for 1"for 7"for 16"for 24"for 32"

Glass Beads per 16" Strand (always 1200 per mass)

4mm Rounds 100 beads per 16" strand
6mm Rounds67 beads per 16" strand
8mm Rounds50 beads per 16" strand
10mm Rounds41 beads per 16" strand

Seed Beads per hank and kilo

Size 6/0Conversion
1/2 kilo500 grams
kilo1000 grams
20 grams (1 bag)approx 330 beads
Size 8/0Conversion
kilo14 hanks
1/2 kilo7 hanks
1 hank3,360 beads
Size 11/0Conversion
kilo24 hanks
1/2 kilo12 hanks
1 hank4,100 beads
Size 13/0Conversion
kilo52 hanks
1/2 kilo26 hanks
1 hankapprox. 5,500 beads


How long should you make a bracelet? What is opera length?
This chart will show you these and more.
LengthCommon Name
16"Choker or Collar

What Size Needle and Thread Should I Use?

Use this chart as a "Rule of Thumb" only. Experience is the best teacher.  You can also get some great information from beading books.

Thread and Needle Suggestions:

Seed Bead SizeSuggested NeedleSuggested Nymo Thread
10/0 or 11/010Size B or D
11/0 or 12/011Size A or B
12/0 or 13/012Size A or B
13/0 to 15/013Size A or O
15/0 and smaller15Size O or OO

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